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TippingPoint™ Intrusion for Virtual/Dedicated Servers


New TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems Protect Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated Hosting

Nile Youth, has added another layer of security to its Web hosting, deploying TippingPoint™ Intrusion Prevention Systems to block attacks.

Nile Youth has put TippingPoint systems in place to protect all dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting servers at no additional cost.  An intrusion prevention system is an in-line device that scans traffic and, based on rules, determines whether data packets are legitimate or malicious.

 In addition to this valuable security feature, each dedicated and virtual dedicated hosting plan includes free rapid setup, a free SSL certificate and 24/7 customer support, physical security and network monitoring.

TippingPoint systems deliver powerful network protection, functioning transparently at gigabit speeds to guard against cyber attacks.  TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine® service updates filters regularly to maintain defense against the latest vulnerabilities, viruses and rogue applications.

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