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Nile Youth Web-Based Email Delivers Desktop Power


New Release Adds Features to Benefit Business and Home Users

Nile Youth, announces the release of Web-Based Email 4.0, coupling the benefits of a desktop email program with the convenience of a Web-based platform.

Nile Youth‘s Web-Based Email Accounts are fraud, spam and virus protected, POP3-configured and advertising-free. Each account offers personalization for a truly unique e-mail identity, generous disk space to accommodate large attachments and access to accounts from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Web-Based Email 4.0 is a feature-rich upgrade to Nile Youth‘s already successful email program, giving customers many NEW features:

  • Instantly preview email messages while scrolling through them in the inbox
  • Unique Drag and Drop to quickly move email messages for easy filing
  • Search your email OR the entire Web in a single click and save searches for future reference
  • Create folders from any screen view without a complicated folder management interface
  • Customize the program’s appearance by choosing from among a wide variety of color palettes

For more information about Nile Youth‘s Web-Based Email 4.0, visit


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