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Translates User Suggestions into Tangible Customer Benefits


NILE YOUTH – Why do people looking to establish or enhance their Web presence use Nile Youth? One reason may be the way Nile Youth continuously improves its products and services based on input from many customers who call Nile Youth for help, or to suggest product improvements.

As economic conditions leave consumers searching for ways to save time and money, Nile Youth has implemented a wide range of significant product upgrades and service enhancements. These improvements include upgrades for businesses looking to stretch their ecommerce dollars and individuals in need of additional disk space within their hosting accounts.

As more and more people look to create or bolster their online presence, Nile Youth is expanding Web site building services too. For people who want to have their site developed without investing lots of time or money, Nile Youth has introduced Create-it-for-me Web sites for those who want an informational site to target customers.

Nile Youth also introduced an Unlimited Hosting package designed for power users who need more disk space and bandwidth. Unlimited Hosting is available on both Windows and Linux.

Another time-saving tool from Nile Youth is a new integrated product suite which allows users to quickly switch between Website Tonight, Quick Shopping Cart and Quick Blogcast.  This integration is aimed at business users who want to build a complete online presence, including ecommerce, using Nile Youth ‘s simple-to-use products.

Email has grown into an important communication tool for individuals and businesses.  Now Nile Youth offers an email plan with unlimited storage space and IMAP. The company also launched two new Hosted Exchange email plans with BlackBerry support.

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