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Web Hosting powered by Grid Technology

Nile Youth now offering Web Hosting powered by Grid Technology, for all U.S. plans, at the same low price as traditional shared hosting.

What does it mean?
Increased performance and redundancy: Grid technology uses a cluster of servers instead of a single server to host websites, resulting in more available resources to accommodate traffic and processing loads. Moreover, multiple servers mean redundancy – if a server goes down, the other servers are still available to serve a website.

Pricing is unchanged: You can continue to offer the same pricing structure, with no hidden fees, but powered by technology similar to what is used to deliver the most advanced cloud solutions available today.

Usability is unchanged: we will continue to offer the Hosting Control Center and Hosting Connection at no additional cost, and the customer interface is the same.
Features are virtually unchanged: with the exception of Java, ColdFusion, FrontPage, and Access database all the remaining features available on the shared hosting platform are available on Grid.

Customers who require one of these exceptions can still order plans that support them (based on the shared technology). NOTE: Look for a link below the plan options on the Web Hosting landing page – The page looks very similar.

Affordable, full service web hosting packages.